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Work faster and more efficiently by letting software applications “talk” to each other. We ensure that business processes and software applications are in SYYNC with each other.

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SYYNC is engaged in process improvement and integration of software applications, specializing in the integration of Infor products.
This includes integrations with Webshops, WMS systems, EDI, Transport planning, Pricing tools, Production software, etc., regardless of whether these are cloud applications or on-premise applications or even a hybrid combination.

What have we brought into SYYNC


Links with web shops such as Hybris, Intershop, Magento or any 3rd party webshop

Warehouse management

Integrations with warehouse management systems such as Astro, Locus or any 3rd party logistics software


EDI messages in different formats such as EANCOM, EDIFACT, INSBOU, etc


Exports to various banks or invoice scanning

Transport planning

Integrations with transport planning such as PTV or any 3rd party transportation software

Inventory management

Integrations with inventory management software such as Slim4 or any 3rd party inventory management software


Integrations with CRM software such as Infor CRM, IN2CRM or any 3rd party CRM software


Various integrations with product information software


Integrations with customs software

Bring your applications into SYYNC

We help to realize integrations in a simple way

Technical project management

With our technical knowledge we understand how to keep integration projects in SYYNC with budget and planning


SYYNC maps the architecture needed to align the integration with the needs of the business


SYYNC is specialized in the development of integrations and addons with various tools and programming languages such as .NET, Angular, ION, IEC etc.

Maintenance & Support

We also provide maintenance and support so that your applications are always in SYYNC.

Be in SYYNC with a good plan

You can’t build a house without a drawing?

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Together we will ensure that your business processes and software applications are in SYYNC.

Make software work for you
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