Who is SYYNC

SYYNC is a forward-thinking company that provides advanced data synchronization, data migration, business intelligence (BI) and custom solutions on top of ERP systems for a variety of businesses including the food, distribution, fashion and manufacturing industries. With our knowledge and experience in the field of technology and data integration, we strive to optimize data flows between various systems. We are dedicated to developing beautiful solutions that enable the seamless exchange of information so that companies  can run their day-to-day processes, manage their data effectively and gain valuable insights.

Our office is located in the center of Nijmegen, where we have created an inspiring and pleasant working environment. We are progressive in our approach and are passionate about developing innovative solutions, including custom solutions on top of ERP systems, that meet the specific challenges of the various customers. Through close collaboration and a multidisciplinary approach, we remain at the forefront of the rapidly evolving technological world.

At SYYNC, we place a strong emphasis on an excellent customer experience. We strive to build long-term partnerships with our customers and are deeply committed to their success. We listen carefully to our customers’ needs and objectives and provide tailor-made and customized solutions on top of ERP systems that seamlessly fit their specific requirements. Our dedicated support throughout the process ensures that our customers feel supported and have confidence in the solutions we provide.

Junior Software Integration Specialist at SYYNC

As a junior employee within the role of Software Integration Specialist at SYYNC, you have basic knowledge and interest in software integrations between enterprise applications. At SYYNC you will have the opportunity to further develop your skills and grow in this role. You work closely with experienced team members who support you in understanding the link between the customer’s business processes and how the integrations connect to this.

Although supervision is available, we do expect you to be able to work independently and to take the initiative in acquiring new knowledge. It is important that you are able to reduce technical ideas to understandable language. You will have the opportunity to participate in architecture discussions and to actively think about implementations.

Communication skills are important, because you will be in regular contact with the customer. As a team player, you are encouraged to collaborate and maintain contact with other colleagues. You are encouraged to contribute to a positive and supportive work environment.

Within SYYNC there is an environment in which you are encouraged to grow, both technically and in the field of communication and collaboration. We believe in sharing knowledge and experience within the team so that everyone can contribute to the success of our customers. You will have the opportunity to further develop your technical skills and develop yourself into a valuable player within the integration team.

Do you have the following experience

As a Junior Software Integration Specialist you are responsible for supporting software integrations between enterprise applications. You work closely with customers to make the link between their business processes and the integrations that connect to them. You play an important role in translating technical ideas into understandable language, so that both technical and non-technical interlocutors can understand the integrations. You are communicative and maintain close contact with customers. As a team player you regularly seek connection and contact with other colleagues.


Supporting software integrations between enterprise applications.
Establishing the link between customer business processes and integrations.
Translate technical ideas into understandable language.
Maintaining close contact with customers.
Working together in a team and regularly contacting other colleagues.

Required knowledge and experience (preferably):

  • Preferably a bachelor’s degree in a technical field, such as computer or information sciences, informatics, data analysis or equivalent work experience.
  • Experience with SQL.
  • Knowledge of XML, JSON and similar message formats.
  • Understanding of APIs, microservices and web services is a big plus
  • Knowledge of Java and C# is a big plus.
  • Excellent communication skills to discuss technical information with non-technical interlocutors.
  • Passion for using new concepts and technologies to work more effectively and efficiently.
  • Good problem solving skills and the ability to think in solutions.
  • Fluent command of both the Dutch and English language, both verbally and in writing.

Note: Although the above knowledge and experience are preferably required, we are open to candidates with equivalent work experience or other relevant technical backgrounds. As a Junior Software Integration Specialist you are enthusiastic, eager to learn and a real team player. You are able to take on technical challenges, while at the same time maintaining a customer focus. You have the skills to translate complex technical information into understandable language and you are driven to continuously develop your knowledge and skills in the field of software integration.

What does SYYNC offer you

Do you like working at SYYNC?

Then call Roy van Es (+31(0)24-2080086 ). You can also call Roy if you have any questions. Would you rather send your CV right away? This can be sent to vacancies@syync.nl. Please include the job title you are applying for in the subject line.

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